Moore Med Tech’s custom injection molder is the best solution for the development and optimization of your plastic medical product.

Lots Traceability

Lots Traceability integrates with the Inventory Control, Work in Progress, Purchase Orders and the Sales Orders.

With our ERP Program :

  • We maintain a history of traceable items for a better customer service.
  • We provide you reject control and documentations.
  • We trace raw materials from the supplier through our customer finished product.
  • We archive information on traceable items to conserve disk resources.
  • We provide you an on-screen query of current and/or archived data.

Good value for money

Our partners always obtain a good value for money

  • 30% cost reduction compared to the initial part
  • Respect and improvement of dimensional criteria
  • Aseptisation matches the standards set
  • No more assembly is done at our partner facility

Design, molding
and assembly

From a simple idea to the finished good,
we will assist you.

  • Result of our partnership
  • New design totally revised
  • Respect and improvement of dimensional criteria
  • Market shares increase of 20% for our customer
  • Choice of engineering resin more comfortable for the patient


In the past 10 years, with its ISO 13485 certified quality system, Moore Med Tech produced various plastic components for the North American medical industry.

Lots traceability and a good value for money give a competitive advantage to our partners.

Here are our specialties:

  • Medical instrumentation
  • Dental instrumentation
  • Surgical equipment
  • Orthopedic supplies
  • Hospital equipment

About Us

Certified ISO 13485, Moore Med Tech is an innovative leader in managing complex injection molding projects. We go beyond best practices in design, molding and assembly to deliver high quality plastic solutions in North America.

With our injection molding production into our ISO 8 clean room, we produce plastic parts from 0.5 gram to 2 400 grams.

Our Certifications

  • iso13485
  • iso9001
  • We did not get any non conformity in our 10 last
    annual audits

What our Customers Think

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